Situation can go beyond Pathankot attacks, says Hafiz Saeed

Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed on Saturday warned for worse response than Pakthankot Air-base attacked if India used force against Kashmiries in Srinagar. Addressing a conference in Muzaffarabad—the capital city of Pakistan administered Kashmir—Saeed said he is with the people of Kashmir until its freedom, adding “we are not against talks, but Pakistan should take a stance cohesive to the opinion and thoughts of Kashmiri people and separatist organizations.”

‘The Kashmir Solidarity Conference’ was organized by Saeed’s JuD and attended by leading religious and political parties including Pakistan People’s Party, Muslim Conference as well as leaders of all Muslim sects including Shia’.

He said that Pathankot operation was a targeted operations conducted by United Jihad Council (UJC)—a coalition of Kaashmiri Jihadi organization, also known as Muttahida Jihad Council (MJC) fighting against Indian forces.

He said that UJC chief Syed Sulahuddin has accepted the responsibility but India is still insisting the involvement of Pakistan and Pakistani organization. “We support UJC and Kashmiri people,” said Saeed, warning India, “If you used power against Kashmiries, the situation can go beyond Pakthankot.”

Crowds at the rally shouted slogans including “The war will continue until the liberation of Kashmir” and “We are ready for jihad”.

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While wearing the Kashmiri pheran, Jammat u Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed addresses ‘Kashmir Solidarity Conference’ in Muzaffarabad on February 03. Pakistan will observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 05. Photo Amiruddin Mughal / Kashmir Image 

Saeed also suggested Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi to quit his 0.7 million armed forces from Kashmir and let Kashmir free. While addressing Pakistani Prime Minister Mina Nawaz Shareef, he said, “We are not against your friendship and talk with India, but your stance should adhere with separatist from all regions of divided Kashmir.”

“Whenever I speak, United States and India feel pain in their stomach,” said Saeed, adding, “I have treatment of their pain.” He also urged UN General Secretary to play take notice of Indian atrocities in the region and force India quit Kashmir.

Later, the head of JuD and other Islamic parties’ leaders link hands during a rally expressing support for Kashmiris living in Indian administered Kashmir. Demonstrators demanded an end to Indian rule in the region and a settlement of the dispute according to wishes of Kashmiris and UN resolutions.

Pakistan is observing ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ every year on February 05 since 1992.



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