GB provincial status won’t hurt Kashmir cause, says Marvi.

Pakistani Minister of the State and Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Chairperson Marvi Memon claims the conversion of Gilgit Baltastan (GB) will not jeopardize the Kashmir cause at all.

“Provincial status for GB is not finalized, but whatever PMLN—the term used Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, the ruling parity of Pakistan—decides, will not affect Kashmir issue,” Meon said.

In an Interview with Kashmir Image, she said that Government of Pakistan has affirmed determination to lead Kashmir cause towards its solution.

She said that people of Kashmir and GB believe-in PMLN-led federal government and we will never break the trust.

‘’PMLN will bring necessary constitutional reforms to sort-out  the long standing demands of people of GB,” said Memon, “ but we will also assure that it will have no implication on dynamic of Kashmir dispute,” she added.

“We—Government of Pakistan—are taking better care of our women in the region—Pakistan administered Kashmir and DG—through BISP and we are proud of it,” She said, adding that we wish to carryout same service on the other side—of Indian administered Kashmir.

Memon was on visit to Neelum Valley—northeastern district of Pakistan administered Kashmir—on Feb 05 to express solidarity with women of the war affected region.



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