TTP shows itself in Azad Kashmir by planting bombs in school.

Muzaffarabad, February 14 (APP): Two bombs were recovered and disposed off from a private school in Bagh town of Azad Kashmir, some 90 kilometres east of here on Saturday morning, Police said.
Superintendent Police (SP) Bagh, Kamran Mughal told APP that one bomb was planted in a class room while other was in staff room and the school administration informed the police about the bombs which were disposed off by bomb disposal squad, called from Rawalakot.
Kamran said the school administration had a rivalry issue at local level but the bombs were marked as TTP (Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan) with a threat and the administration was investigating the incident from both aspects.
Haji Abdul Latif, owner of the “Squadron leader School” having enrolment of more than 12 hundred male and female students at inter level, said the school had a security threat and the administration had informed the local administration by writing a letter to Deputy Commissioner on 6 of this month.
He said a chit was pasted with the bombs having the words ” TTP” and “Jhalak” written on the chit but it was the duty of the police and law enforcing agencies to investigate weather they were really planted by TTP or by some one else



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