Attacked, once more

By: Er Rashid

Yet again Jammu province declared no entry zone for me, thanks to right wing Hindu organizations, as they attacked me ruthlessly with lathis and stones in Jammu. However, I am feeling some satisfaction that BJP released a charge-sheet against me, as their senior leader, and MLA Nowshera, spoke his heart out by reacting: “Er Rasheed hay Pakistani or Pakistani ko hum yehan aane nahin dengay, Pakistani ko to hum gooli mardengay, gardan kaat dein gay onki. Osko hum yehan kaise aane dain gay.” I don’t expect anything good from the police and civil administration as they seem to have been told to work under full command and control of Sang Parivar. That is why police not only felicitated the murderous attack on me but didn’t even name anyone in FIR, nor incorporated murderous charges. It was unbelievable to see police confining me to my residence at Jammu, but trying to give the impression that we are giving Er Rasheed Z Plus Security, as there were huge contingent of police around my residence. Perhaps their top brasses had done it with a well thought out strategy, first to expose me to the attackers by making my identity and presence in Jammu so public, and secondly by creating an atmosphere as if suicide bombers had been haunting to kill me. I have full sympathy with the police administration and can understand their helplessness. I could read the faces from that of DGP to the concerned Inspector, who was my so called security incharge for the six miserable days in Jammu, that showed the expressions of having guilty conscience. It proved when BJP MLA Ravindar Raina didn’t even spare police and said louder and clear: “police ke andar kuch Pakistani element hein, jo mere ko lagta hay  ISI or ISI say paisa layte hein, militantun se ore hafiz sayed se ore jaish mohammad ore lashker toiba se paisa layte hain. Ore ounmein se ek ASP ….. hay, mere ko lagta ha ki woh ISI ke agent hein ore atankwadiun se woh paisa letay hein……” Nothing needs to be explained further after BJP leader’s allegations (Video footage of BJP leader’s speech was released to media by me at a Press Conference two days back).  One thing is proved beyond doubt that the ASP was targeted for the reason that he belongs to Dalit community and had a word of sympathy with me after the attack. However, it was not Er Rasheed but Ravindar Raina and police had no option but to keep mum. I have every reason to apprehend that someday BJP may not spare those police officers who did every shameless act for India’s so called national interest and may brand them as Pakistani agents, for one reason or the other. I can’t speak for myself and other politicians and groups are not able to collect courage to condemn the assault on me for the reasons known to everybody but I am whole heartedly thankful to YSR Congress MP Mr. Tirupati Rao and BJP MP Anurag Thakur for speaking exactly the same in the Parliament what I have been speaking in and outside J&K Assembly. Let those calling me anti-national and Pakistani answer if Mr Tirupati or Mr Thakur can speak in Indian Parliament for right to self-determination of Kashmiris and accuse Jawahar Lal Nehru of creating J&K dispute, what wrong I am doing? Those accusing me by saying that on one side Er Rasheed has taken oath to protect India’s constitution but in the same breath seeks right to self-determination, should at least shut their mouths now as both BJP and YSR MPs also have taken oath to protect India’s Constitution. It is in fact the first custodian of India’s Constitution, Pandit Nehru who promised plebiscite for J&K and as such his commitment becomes part of India’s Constitution. Thus when Er Rasheed or Mr. Tirupati Rao speak about giving Kashmiris right to self-determination, the hue and cry against them makes no sense. I wish a day to come when majority of MLAs realize that speaking for plebiscite doesn’t mean being a Pakistani agent or India’s enemy and will speak same in J&K Assembly what I have been doing since last seven years and now Indian Parliamentarians doing the same.

Courtesy: Greater Kashmir 



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