Man slices off wife’s nose in Kashmir.

Tayyba, 22, is under treatment in Islamabad—photo provided her brother by Aurangzeb.

By: Jalaluddin Mughal

Police in Pakistan administrated Kashmir (PaK) are hunting for a man who allegedly sliced off his wife’s nose on Monday, March 7—just a day before international women’s day, officials told Kashmir Image on Wednesday.

Tayyba, 22, lost a significant amount of blood after mutilated by her husband Gulfraz Alias, who escaped from the scene after crime, told Sardar Tariq, Station House Office (SHO) at Thorar Police Station of Rawlakot District.

The couple was married five years ago when Tayyba was 17 year old; they’ve no children.

It wasn’t immediately clear why Alias attacked her wife, but Ms Tayyba told Kashmir Image on telephone that her husband kept her under house-arrest for more than 8 months and used beat her in routine.

The photos of women with mutilated nose sparked on social media.

“He used to beat me every now and then,” Tayyba told Kashmir Image, “and even did not allow me to visit my parent’s home—and vice versa,” she added.

Whenever he had to go out, he used to lock me inside the home. I was not allowed to go anywhere or see anyone, told Tayyba, while recalling the day when he forget to lock her before going to nearby market.

“I fled from there and reached my parents’ home,” said Tayyba. “I lived there for several months, and a couple of days ago we had reconciliation,” she added.

“I dropped her back at night and came back to my home,” told Aurangzeb, Tayyba’s younger brother; but the next day, a neighbor told us about the incident, he added.

When I came back, he tied my hands with metallic chain and cut of my nose with a sharp knife, told Tayyba, “he suspected that I was cheating on him and have relation with men other’s then him,” she added.

Police has launched the First Information Report (FIR) under 337Q,337V and 292 PC sections ofAzad (Kashmir) Penal Code. “We will be able to give more details after accused is arrested,” told Tariq, adding that if the crime is proved in the court of law, the accused can be sentenced up to 3 year imprisonment.

Pakistan administered Kashmir is lacking legislation for women protection and to prevent offenses against women.

Tayyba is under treatment in a hospital in Islamabad.



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