11 dead over a week after devastating rains trigger land sliding in Kashmir.

By: Jalaluddin Mughal

Torrential spell of rain leaves at least 11 dead, several mile of road blocked and dozens of buildings collapsed, over a week, authorities said in Pakistan administrated Kashmir (PoK).

11 people were killed overnight on Friday in different PoK areas after catastrophic rains triggered landslides and house collapse incidents, police said.

A landslide hit half a dozen houses in Sarli Sacha Sharqi village of Tehsil Pathika, some 41 kilometres northwest of Muzaffarabad the capital city, reported Rashid Awan, a local journalist.

A whole family including, Ghulan Hussain, the head of the family, his wife and four children were trapped in the accident. One of Hussain’s children was recovered alive by local residents during a rescue operation—later joined by civil and military officials—amid heavy rains and thunder.

Rescuers, so far, have found four bodies while the body of Hussain’s wife was yet to be recovered, Awan reported.


A person, hit by rolling stone, found dead on Neelum Valley road on Friday. Aurangzeb Jarral, a reporter said.

According to Samaa TV, Zaib un Nisa was killed along with her infant daughter when   an isolated portion of a house caved in Palla Chaudhriyan village of Haveli district.  Another daughter was seriously injured.

50-year old Abdul Hamid Minhas, his wife Nasrin Akhtar, 45, and a daughter Habiba Hamid, 12, were killed when their 3-room house collapse in the neighboring Poonch districts Samma reports added.

Another massive landslide fell on a house in Ochar Mohalla of the southern Bagh district, on early Friday morning, Dawn, a leading newspaper reported.

As a result, Khalid Hussain and his wife Shaheen, were trapped inside along with a daughter – while their other three daughters rushed out of home to safety.

Rescuers recovered the young girl alive, but the couple did not survive, the report added.


During the recent rains, several miles of roads have been blocked for vehicular and pedestrian movements including most of the major inter and intra city connections. The concerns authorities are working to resumes the connectivity, police said.

Incidents of landslides and avalanches in hilly PoK areas are highly likely during this period of the year.

According to the meteorological reports, the fresh spell of rains is expected over the next week.




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