Neelum Valley witnesses second bomb blast over the week.

Neelum Valley Police has lunched multidimensional investigation to resolve the mystery of two bomb blasts in a week—Photo Ashfaq Abbasi, Kashmir Image
Neelum Valley Police has lunched multidimensional investigation to resolve the mystery of two bomb blasts in a major tourist attraction of the country—Photo Ashfaq Abbasi, Kashmir Image

By: Jalaluddin Mughal

Police are probing the unnamed suspect to solve the mystery of two bomb blasts within a week in Neelum Valley—a major tourist attraction in Pakistan administered Kashmir, authorities said.

On early Friday morning, another massive blast shocked several building in Kundal Shahi, the largest market in the region, damaging the roof of a Basic Health Unit (BHU), just three days after an unsuccessful bid to blowup an under construction shrine.


6-8 kg explosive was pitted under stones on the bank of Jagran River—Photo Ashfaq Abbasi, Kashmir Image

Both blasts happened within half a kilometer expanse.

On Friday morning, the residents of Kundal Shahi town awaken by the boom of the blast. “When I came out, I saw many stones fallen in my backyard,” told Nazir Abbasi, a local resident living across the river for the blast site. “But I could not see anyone due to heavy rain and fog,” Abbasi added.

12516554_777533882381724_610399563_nAccording to initial information provided by police, the local made bomb was  pitted under heavy boulders on the bank of Jagran stream and 6-8 kilograms of the explosive along with stones was used to add the intensity.
The rooftop of the local BHU building—almost 300 meters away from the blast site—collapsed after a boulder of around 70-75 kilograms fell on it. The staff sleeping inside the building was safe luckily.12834805_777533972381715_1174316630_n

“It would be ahead of time to say who is behind the attacks,” said Abdul Hamid Kayyani, the Deputy Commissioner of Neelum district. “But police investigations are moving in right direction and hopefully we will be able to determine the responsible,’’ he added.

Neelum Valley is among the major tourist attraction of Pakistan and Pakistan administered Kashmir. The area has witness the influx of the tourists in past few years, after the other tourist sites, such as Swat and Gilgit Baltistan, gone under terrorist attacks.

According to Ashfaq Abbasi, a local journalist in Neelum Valley, police is investigating has lunch multidimensional investigation including, communal and sectarian clashes.



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