Kashmiri journalists seek UN intervention to stop Indian atrocities.

A group of journalists in Pakistan administered Kashmir 's capitol Nuzaffarabad has call for UN interventions to resolve 70 year old Kashmir dispute and to stop Indian atrocities in the region. Kashmir Image

MUZAFFARABAD, Jan 5: A group of Ksashmiri Journalists based in Muzaffarabad has sought United Nations (UN) intervention in ongoing Indian atrocities in Indian administered Kashmir (IaK) to prevent any impending human catastrophe in the region and if it failed to protect population there, in their point of view, Kashmiris may become extinct from the surfaces.

In a letter to UN secretary General Antonio Guterres, signed by more than 25 journalists, they said that the India was using disproportionate force against civilians in the held valley and for the last six months, 15000 people have been wounded, maimed or blinded and nearly 120 people were killed by using pellets, regular bullets and bomb shells which was a matter of great concern for them.

The letter said the people were being subjected to worse type of human rights abuses and this was not new as the history of Indian military violence, forced disappearances, shootings, extra judicial killings and cases of torture, arson and rape was well known in the region.

“Approximately a million Indian troops have been deployed in the small valley making it the most militarized region in the world and black draconian laws were being enforced to oppress and suppress the people demanding their just right to self determination,” the letter recalled.

The latter added that recently, there had been occasions when funeral procession were fired at by the Indian troops and female members of the bereaved families were forced to carry the coffins of their loved ones as the male members were disallowed to participate which it said was worse cruelty.

The letter while showing disappointment recalled the secretary General that the Kashmiris have been waiting for the UN for the last 70 years to protect them, but the UN had miserably ailed Kashmiri victims.

They uploaded a video on social media expressing their disappointment about UN failure to implement its resolution regarding Kashmir for the last 70 years and were of the view that the hopes were dying due to cold gesture of the world body towards people of Kashmir.



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