Conflicts affect lives and dignity of Kashmiri women

Muzaffarabad, March 8, 2018:

A civil society group in Pakistan administrated Kashmir has demanded special measures for economic, political and social development of women.

Commemorating World Women’s Day here on Thursday, Press for Peace (PFP) pattern-in-chief Mrs Tanvir Latif said that women should be provided equal opportunities in political, social and economic spheres.

In a statement she said that conflict has a devastating effect on the lives and dignity of women.

‘Women are denied from equal opportunities of health, education and better livelihood’, she added.

She maintained that without gender equality and women empowerment nations cannot achieve progress, therefore, all governments should initiate special measures for economic, educational and social development of women.

The statement said that recent tensions along the Line Control in Kashmir have also increased vulnerability of women; therefore, there is an urgent need to prevail peace in this region to secure the lives of women, children and other civilians.

She appreciated the valuable contribution of women in the development and progress of humanity.



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