Jeep mishap near Muzaffarabad leaves at least 8 dead

By: Jalaluddin Mughal

Muzaffarabad, April 24:

A passenger jeep plunged into a gorge near Muzaffarabad, leaving dead all eight people on board including a woman, local media reports on late Tuesday evening.

The fatal accident occurred in Seri Dara Village, approximately 16 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

The ill-fated jeep was on its way to Seri Dara village when driver lost control and it felled in to a nearly-a-kilometer deep gorge, an eyewitness told Kashmir Image.

Those, who died in the accident, were identified as Naveed S/OMuhammad Din, Qasim S/O Bashir, Ghulam Hussain S/O Bashir, Javaid S/O Imam Din, Bashir S/O Saeen, Muhammad Sadiq S/O Muhammad Din, Aslam S/O Noor (Driver), Nargas BiBi D/O Imam Din.

“All the people were killed on spot,” Imtiaz Ahmed Mughal, a reporter told Kashmir Image, adding that villagers, latter joined by police, started the rescue operation immediately after the accident. However, the darkness and steep slop remained a challenge, all the bodies were recovered successfully in the operation, he further added.

While the reasons behind the accident remained undeclared, the locals largely believe that obsolete vehicles and poor road infrastructure is the cause behind frequent road accidents.



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